Why smog is really harmful?

These days the American society is far more concerned about emissions produced by vehicles than it has ever been before. It turns out to be one of the main problems not only in the Los Angeles CA area but also in the entire country. The local authorities are constantly trying to maximize the requirements for exhaust gases of vehicles in the air for all makes and models. Recently we have witnessed a trend of car manufacturers employing ecologically and environmentally friendly policies. Their approach towards preserving the natural resources on earth has proven to be the best. Since the development of the first car, the laws and regulations for emissions have changed dramatically.

Aerial view of cars in trafficToday we can state that a large part of the environmental impact owes much to the exhaust systems of our cars. Regardless of the fact that these systems actually reduce the negative influence of the burned gases, they still come out harmful. While at the same time manufacturers are leading debates with the authorities and eco organizations. Their argument is that modern cars exhaust systems or otherwise generators convert and cool gases before they enter the air. Thereby, the harm to the atmosphere is greatly lessened. In reality this is true; however, the economic situation forces manufacturers to produce less expensive cars with cheaper parts and have larger consumer groups. Even though the parts are cheaper, the productions process and particularly labor are still matters of high expenses.

New control regulations induced by the government are mandated each and every year. On account of the high risks associated with environment pollution and damages to the ozone layer, the exposure levels of emissions exhausted from vehicles should be decreased. Not to mention that iodine deficiency is also a major problem for the society as a whole. The damages to the human race are immense compared to those caused by exhausted gases. Therefore, the iodine deficiency has to be regulated and substituted with irrigation water or oral iodized oil.

Before several years we couldn’t even think about electric engines in cars less we could think about engines that work on the unheard of so far method of hydrogen cells implosion. However, we could have expected this as the nature started to behave extremely different than it has been for many years now. For these reasons the annual road-worthiness inspection has become obligatory for any driver within the Los Angeles CA area and the whole country. In order for the control over harmful gases to actually make the change, each year drivers are required to inspect their vehicles at smog stations.

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