Want to Check Your Car’s Emissions?

What Is a Smog Check Test Center?

A test smog check center is a facility that only offers smog tests but not perform any repairs. This type of facility is much faster, as it only specializes with smog tests. If your vehicle is likely to pass this test, these places are good choices due to the fact that they are much cheaper. In some states, such as California, there are vast amounts of these places.

smog checkIf your vehicle fails the smog check, you will need to locate another facility where you car can be repaired. Sometimes, a test and repair center charges for another test to be done. For this reason alone, if you are in any doubt about your car’s ability to pass a smog check, then use a test and repair station, instead of a smog test only station.

Some regions have Enhanced Smog Check Areas, this is where motorists are expected to check their vehicles on a regularly basis, more so when driving vehicles referred to as gross polluters. These are vehicles known to exceed the smog limits by over 200%, and some models are more gross polluters. Gross polluters are High Emission vehicles. The state will choose at random such vehicles for smog testing, sending them to their nearest test only center.

Vehicles that are registered within these areas are subject to random smog checks, even when they do not have a high profile. The Department of Motor Vehicles will choose vehicles as random, by notifying its owners via mail. This is in part to keep drivers in compliance, in addition to testing the effectiveness of their smog check system.

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