Regular emissions testing

Not all vehicles must take emission testing in Los Angeles. Some autos may only need a passing smog check when they are being sold or re- registered after having been once registered in another state. Whether or not a car needs a smog test depends on the type of vehicle, model, year and the area in which the autos are registered.

Emision testingThere is more than one type of smog test station. Some cars are required to make an emission test at a “Test Only Center”. Your Vehicle Registration Renewal Note tells you the class of smog check station you need. Cars that are six or less years old are abated from the biennial smog check inspection requirement. For autos with registration renewals due in the 2008 calendar year, the abated years cover 2003 through 2008.

Cars that are four or less years old are abated from the smog check inspection demand upon transfer of ownership with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In 2008, the abated years are 2005 through 2008. As of April 1, 2005, the 30 year rolling release was repealed. 1976 and newer autos are now required to have a smog test and check inspection for biennial registration renewals, transfer of ownership transactions and original registration in Los Angeles.

Vehicles being initially registered in Los Angeles, CA that were  registered in another state are exempt from the biennial emission testing inspection requirements if the vehicle is a 1975 or older model. All 1976 to the present year vehicles are required to take a smog check certificate of compliance former to initial registration in Los Angeles, California.