10 Rules for driving in the winter

The first bell of the winter has rung already, warns the smog check team of Beverly Smog Check & Inspection. The bad weather conditions and road situations can force some drivers to start preparing for the season early enough. If you live in Los Angeles, CA and you plan to spend a month or more in winter conditions you should begin to prepare now so that you can have peace of mind while on the road. Below are mentioned 10 golden rules that have to be better followed.

Hand with keys1. Tires change.
Several years ago it was enough just to have a couple of snow tires for the engine wheels. However, these days it is necessary and important that you have a four winter tires package to be mounted on different set of wheels than those designed for the summer.

2. Winter tires in accordance with the category.
Modern automobiles are changing dynamically, as well as the tires for them. The categories are: small, medium, business class, high class, off-road or 4×4, sport, and special. Next are light and heavy-truck tires. Ask a professional about the particular category before you undertake the change.

3. Mandatory.
Check the oil, antifreeze levels, wipers, air conditioner, and sparking plugs.

4. Coat the rubber seals on doors and shutters.
Coat them with a lubricating agent for protection from freezing and sticking. Thereby, you won’t need to fight against doors and the seals will last longer.

5. Treat the locks.
Treat them with an antifreeze liquid which lubricates them at the same time.

6. Inspect the chassis.
During the winter the chassis is subjected to the depredation of lye and ice.

Aerial view of cars in traffic7. Do not miss the coverage of the auto body.
A single paint treatment before the winter strikes will avoid its premature rupture. Only specialized auto body shops offer such valuable services.

8. Check the battery with a professional.
Professionals have the technical knowledge and skill set, as well as top-of-the-line equipment, to perform the inspection. If it is necessary, do not hesitate but change the battery, instead.

9. Take care of the tank.
In older vehicles, water is gathered within the tank which leads to polluting and clogging of pipelines for gas leaks to the engine. It is essential that you drain the excess water at an auto shop.

10. Update the accessories.
Ropes and chains must have the exact size. Their purpose is to serve in snowy and muddy conditions. You should also fit your car out with spray against ice for windows, washer fluid for the winter season, broom with scraper, sponge for perspiring windows or spray.

The above mentioned rules are required for any driver who wants to be prepared for the winter. If you cannot find some of these tools or an auto shop which provides them, here is our suggestion. There are tons of auto service companies in the area. However, you want the best one to assist you in this endeavor. Our specialists recommend that whenever you plan on taking your annual smog check with us you ask them about a good company which can correctly service your car.